Force to Stop Night Mode - (Android Essentials: XML & Java)


Ensure a consistent appearance for your Android application regardless of the user's default system theme with this straightforward code instruction. By applying the provided code snippet, your app will disregard the system's night mode settings and maintain a 'light theme' at all times. This is particularly useful if your app's design does not include a dark theme, or if you've encountered design issues when the system switches to night mode.

The code snippet utilizes AppCompatDelegate.setDefaultNightMode(), which sets the default night mode for your app. When you pass AppCompatDelegate.MODE_NIGHT_NO as a parameter, you instruct the app to use the 'not night' mode, effectively disabling the dark theme.

Here's how to implement this in your app:

  1. Place the provided line of code in your Application class, Activity, or any initial configuration file that runs before your app's UI is rendered.

  2. If you place it in an Activity, it's recommended to put this line of code before super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) and the setContentView() method calls to prevent any UI flickering.

  3. After this setting is applied, your app will display its light theme, regardless of the dark mode settings on the user's device.

Remember to consider user preference and accessibility options. While this code forces the light mode in your app, some users may prefer dark mode due to its reduced light emission, which can be less straining on the eyes in low-light conditions.